PYP News


In year 6, students get to do a very important unit of inquiry called ’The Exhibition’. This unit of inquiry is meant to be the culminating project of the primary years programme. It gives students the opportunity to demonstrate all the skills they have learnt throughout their time in the PYP programme, including a chance to solve a real life problem.

This year every student chose a global issue for their independent inquiry of which they researched into ’better ways’ of addressing the problem. The students worked extremely hard to create a wonderful presentation to show to the ISL community and friends at large. The event was a big success and the students did themselves and the school proud!

PYP Parent Workshop

On 17th May, there was a parent workshop on Assessment. It was exciting to have so many parents attend and work in groups in order to discover the PYP Perspective on Assessment.   There were lots of activities and it was great to see parents fully participating and so engaged in the workshop that they did not want to stop. We had many good feedbacks, one parent said;

“This is the only school I have ever been to where parents come together and learn about how children are taught.”

Others shared their thoughts;

“This is intriguing, we should do this more often.”

“I’m happy to learn that tests, quizzes, projects, observations and portfolios are some of the assessment strategies used to measure my child’s performance.”

May I take this opportunity to say THANK YOU PARENTS for your support.

Teacher Assistant Workshop

On 26th May, Teacher Assistants attended a workshop on setting up folders and files on Google Drive. The workshop was meant to help them use their Google Apps credentials to work collaboratively with students and their colleagues. They created documents, organized their folders and shared their creations. The Teacher Assistants then took part in a group exercise discussing the advantages of Google Apps in comparison to regular programmes like MS Office.

Thank you, teachers and students for your hard work. Have a blessed holiday!

Mrs Grace Kambeu
IBPYP Coordinator