Secondary school News

September 2016

It’s great to back at school! I do hope parents get a chance to walk around the campus and notice some of the “summer changes” that the students will have noticed so far. In addition to the new look, we have new teachers who will be teaching new courses and new coordinators who will be implementing new curriculum and systems in the Secondary, so we are really looking forward to an even better year than last year.
While the first few days are always important to get settled into a rhythm of sorts, I’d also like to hope that over the course of this year we remain open to change as well, having an open mind to consider and reflect on different ways of doing and thinking about things, at least different from the perspective we may be used to. While a great strength of ISL has always been the solid foundation it has within the community and the traditions it has developed over the years, we must continue to look for ways that we can grow and adapt to the changing times, whilst retaining an atmosphere wherein each individual feels welcome, safe and valued as part of a greater whole.
I look forward to students, teachers and parents participating in the continued growth and development of the Secondary school. We’ll do our best to cater to a wide range of interests; those connected directly to teaching and learning during the school-day and those that reach beyond the walls of the classroom. I certainly hope that all students, teachers and parents pursue their personal passions over the course of the academic year and share their love of learning with others.

Craig Patterson, Secondary Principal