Student Council

The main role of a Student Council is to promote the interests of the student community and facilitate student involvement in school affairs, in co-operation with the school management, teachers, parents and board.

Secondary School

At ISL, the Secondary School Student Council aims to represent the students in the affairs of the school by providing a forum for students to meet, share their opinions, make suggestions for change to the school management and promote student-led initiatives. In the Secondary School, each class has a Class Representative and there is an Executive Committee that runs the Student Council in association with a teacher mentor. The Executive Council meets once a week, while the whole Student Council meets at break-time on the last Friday of every month.

The Executive Council has 7 officers, who carry out the following roles:

Vice President
Public Relations and Media Coordinator
Student Health and Welfare Representative
Events and Activities Coordinator


The Executive Council is elected each December according to the following procedure:

Students put themselves forward for nomination with the signatures of 2 supporting teachers.
Up to 3 students make a one minute presentation to the Secondary School to explain why they are suitable for the position.
The speeches are followed by a simple voting system, using ballot papers.
The outgoing Executive Council counts the votes.
The President and Vice-President announce the successful candidates at the ‘Battle of the Bands’ on the last day of Semester 1.

Primary School

In the Primary School, the Student Council is comprised of House Captains who are elected at the beginning of each academic year. They take on leadership roles during various events held at school like competitions, sports days etc. House Captains are responsible for collecting House Points from each class, every fortnight, and informing Primary School students of the state of the points competition at Assemblies. They are also encouraged to discuss thoughts about, and plans for, Primary School with the Upper Primary Coordinator.