The Chronicles of Narnia

May 2017

The ISL Theatre Night was held on the 21st and 22nd of April, 2017. Over the two nights, audiences witnessed monologues from The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare and extracts from Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. These were performed by the IGCSE Drama candidates: Harry Miller, Sudish Poojary, Yun Zhu, Malaka and Dorothy Cole. These performers also devised and performed an experimental theatre piece titled ‘The Conundrum’.

Director Mrs. Marunda-Piki and Student Director Ruella Che presented an adaptation of C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia: Lion, Witch and The Wardrobe. This was a directorial concept that fused dance, music and drama. The performance was a spectacle; the audience was transported through this magical world, thanks to the magnificent lighting, sound, multiple staging and performance.

The visual cohesion between the fantasy and the everyday was esthetically pleasing and the audience was definitely part of the game of make-believe and adventure. Ruella and Mrs Marunda-Piki’s emphasis on the play’s visuals and multi-staging was complimented by an energetic cast, led by Mwamba Mulenga, the wise Aslan and Gabriel Bush, the Professor. The four children: Rimjhim Singh as Peter, Bella Wassa Coffey and Baraka Musembi as Lucy, Amira Morales as Susan, were all very charming. Mr. and Mrs. Beaver played by Vedika Basu, Rumbidzo Dzawanda and Tadiwa Kabayadondo bought the words of the playwright to life. Merlyn Jovita Nithyanathan played the role of Tumnus and shared the role with Deepinder Kaur as Maugrim, the member of the Queen’s secret police.  Nadia Sheikh, the White Witch and her side kick, the Dwarf played by Disha Barwal, exuded pure evil with assistance from Mrs. Meyer’s impressive make up work. The imaginative choreography and dance done by Vedika Basu, Hannah Morales, Lakshmi Swaminathan, who contributed to the ensemble’s villains or in the chorus as maids and animals, added an extra creative element to the production. Through lighting, stage design and sound, Mushili Wilkie and Divyam Kumar did more than just illuminate the stage – they too told the story.

Mrs. Bush and Malaka were vital team members backstage, ensuring organisation and smooth scene changes as stage managers. The Lusaka International School Drama Club is already preparing for the next performance which promises audience another magical journey.

Mrs Marunda-Piki, HOD Creative Arts