The Green Team

I’d like to congratulate Green Team for their efforts in the past term. This small group of CAS students kicked off the term with an environmental assembly in which they introduced the topic of saving our environment with a variety of video clips and a guest speaker, alumna Angelika Huwiler from Foxdale Court.

Green Team then moved on to providing paper recycling boxes for all rooms in Secondary and labels for our bins to encourage students to recycle plastic bottles. While these tasks seemed easy, it proved to be a bigger job than first anticipated. First boxes had to be collected, painted and correctly labelled before being delivered to classrooms and we have lots of classrooms and offices! I am happy to report that staff are very happy to have the boxes and eager to encourage students to use them. Our recycled paper will be reused in school, reused in our community schools or recycled by a paper recycling company.

Green Team’s current task is to encourage students to deal with our rubbish properly. They are finding that progress is slow and that reminders need to be frequent. Their aim is to make all our staff and students aware so that we all care for our school environment.