This Year in Nursery

We have had an invigorating year in Nursery. We began the year, seems like yesterday, with children who had never been in any schooling environment before, never been away from their moms and never had to be responsible for their belongings. Soon, they were on their way to being toilet-trained, learning to be responsible and to leave the comfort of their homes for a few hours. They began to speak and listen to new people, sharing ideas and thoughts and what they were feeling. Little children soon learned to enjoy things they had never done before and accept them in their daily routines, even making some of these their favorite activities. They met new people and could identify and make the best of the lessons and materials provided. These little geniuses progressed into confident, happy scholars that don’t like to stay at home anymore. Nursery made connections with their environments, their peers, friends and their teachers. They also jumped into being social and productive, being able to participate in and complete art projects with glue and paint and anything else they could find. We built houses from blocks and monsters with play dough, footprints with paint, cakes in sand and noise with instruments. Our beautiful 2-3 year olds have made us proud because along the way, through our Units of Inquiry and through class routines. When we weren’t looking, they blossomed into beautiful little people!

This term, Nursery went to conquer their fears with dinosaurs and dentists, learning about them as they went. Through art, music, PE, swimming, learn pads and classwork, they developed their faith in themselves and their abilities. Today, we have Nursery graduates who can choose an activity and take part in it, being absorbed and constructive little learners. They are capable enough to express with confidence what they feel and have conversations with their peers who are now their friends. Nursery children have a sense of belonging in and know their way around a class and the school. They have larger vocabularies, deeper understandings and lots of confidence and the basis of school life. What they have learned so far is only the foundation for new ideas, new classes, new friends and new learning. They will build on new these ideas, reflections and skills and use them to know more. We are grateful for parents’ support and for allowing us to work with their children and wish them a glorious future.

Bina Bhaga
Nursery 2 Teacher