The Tuckshop is open from Monday to Friday at break and lunch and during after-school activities, selling a variety of wholesome food and drinks including sandwiches, rolls and fruit salad as well as a cooked lunch. The lunch of the day includes a cooked meal or salad and is advertised each morning on the blackboard. The Tuckshop sells fruit juice cartons and water. However, chilled and filtered water dispensers are available at school and we recommend students bring their own water bottle to fill up during the day.

The Tuckshop has been run by the same ISL parent, as owner and manager, for the last 3 years. Her reasons for operating the tuckshop include ensuring that students are able to buy a healthy lunch each day and to provide a wide range of choices of snacks. During the last few years, the owner has built close relationships with many of the students and is happy to say that she has been able to cater to all, even the ‘fussy’ ones. Click on the + icons below to view more information.

Bring Your Own Lunch

Many students bring their own packed lunch and drinks in a suitable container. For some ideas on what to include in a packed lunch, please see below.

Healthy Lunchbox Basics

Include more whole foods and less processed foods. Choose lunch items with higher amounts of fibre and nutrients children need (like calcium, protein and vitamin C). Include fewer processed foods such as cookies, chips and snack cakes, which have higher sodium, added sugar and saturated fat.

Be Creative.Think outside the lunchbox. What does your child love to eat? What can you pack in their lunchbox?
Keep it ColdFor safety's sake, pack lunch with a reusable ice pack if you need to cool it. Better yet, freeze a small water bottle or box of 100% juice. Your child will have a slushy drink to enjoy at lunch and won't have to worry about bringing an ice pack home.
Make it FunInclude items that kids can stack or mix up to their taste when they eat. Remember that kids like to dunk and include healthy dips with vegetables or other items. Cut foods into fun shapes with cookie cutters. Include five -a-day options.

Include any combination of the following, in a small pot or bag:

Dried Fruits Raisins, sultanas, pumpkin/sunflower seeds, ready to eat dried apricots, dates or prunes.
FruitIncluding oranges or satsumas, apple (sliced), banana, pear (sliced), plum, grapes or strawberries (whatever is in season).
Fruit SaladMade up of any combination of prepared fruit including strawberries, orange, melon, mango, pineapple or kiwi etc.
Fruit JellyMade with fruit pieces and pure fruit juice.
SmoothieMade from fruit puree or apple sauce (you can add strawberry, peach, etc).
Salad PotMade from any combination of prepared raw vegetables including cucumber, lettuce, pepper, celery, cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks. Good for growing bones.
YoghurtFruit,, fromage frais, plain, Greek or dairy free alternative.
PuddingCold rice pudding or custard.
CheeseCubes of cheese or pre-packed lunchbox sized cheese portions or cottage cheese with pineapple.
DipsIncluding hummus, tzatziki, raita, cream cheese and plain yogurt.


If you have energetic kids, you may like to add a snack to their lunchboxes to re-fuel their energy levels. Here are some of our favorites:

Savoury OptionsHard boiled eggs, mini sausages, sausage roll or falafel etc.
Small bag of low salt crisps or a handful of crisps in a pot.
Crackers, crisp bread, rice cakes, cheesy biscuits, savory scones, bread sticks or unsalted popcorn.
Sweet OptionsMuffin, cupcake or small piece of cake.
Biscuit or cookie.
Flapjack , shortbread or jam tart.
Cereal bar.