University updates and more!

October 2017

The year is off to a very fast start - already the DP2 students are preparing their university applications.  The first deadline is October 15, when students will submit applications for medicine, veterinary, and dentistry programs in the UK.  These students have been working diligently on their UCAS applications since August - their time management has been commendable!

So far this year we've had three university events:

First, on September 11, Ms. Charlie Greenwood from the University of Kent (UK) admissions office presented to DP students in the Fine Arts Theater.  Her presentation included general information about why students might consider studying in the UK, factors to consider in choosing a university, as well as more specific information about the University of Kent.  What really impressed me about our DP students were the insightful questions they asked, indicating not only their attentiveness, but also their genuine interest in their futures.

Next, on September 22, ISL hosted a university fair in the MPC.  Eight university representatives attended:  four from the United States (Vanderbilt, Dartmouth, Northwestern, and Duke), one from the UK (East Anglia), one from Australia (International College of Hotel Management, Adelaide), one from Switzerland (representing the five schools that form the Swiss Education Group), and one from right here in Zambia (UNZA).  The event was open to the public, and around 200 students and parents attended to hear presentations and then participate in a table-to-table fair.  We hope to have similar events every year in order to 1) promote ISL as an institution that produces capable, talented students, and 2) help students and parents learn about the university application process.  Thank you to those of you who attended, and congrats for getting started!

And most recently, on October 4, DP students again met in Fine Arts to hear from Mr. Sergio Rodriguez of EU Business School (Barcelona, Geneva, Montreux, and Berlin).  Students again impressed me with the questions they asked - graduation rates, employability - questions that really indicated a high level of maturity and commitment to their futures.

While many DP students are at this very moment volunteering at the ISL Carnival, there are a number of them who are sitting for the SAT - I wish them well, but know that luck has nothing to do with it.  These students have been preparing for years for the next step in their education, and the SAT is just one part of that.

In addition to university guidance, I have been working with Ms. Sekai (primary counselor) to implement ISL's new Child Protection Policy, which was adopted at the end of last year.  As part of the policy, we have conducted a number of trainings and workshops for teachers and assistants, admin staff, janitorial and maintenance staff, external coaches, as well as parents.  Child welfare is of utmost importance at ISL, and we are committed to fostering a community where all members look out for every child.

And finally, please welcome the newly inducted Class Representatives!  This year the Student Council Executive Committee hopes to get the Class Reps more involved in school events in order to develop their leadership skills and make positive contributions to the ISL community.  When you see them, wish these Reps a heartfelt congratulations!

More updates coming soon!  Until then...

Rebecca Pohl
Secondary Counselor