Upper Primary News

November 2016

Within a few months, there has been so much happening in the Upper Primary department already!  We have been having guest speakers coming in, there has been a UN day, a spirit awareness week and many residential field trips!

Year Three Trip to Cheshire Homes: As part of their unit of inquiry into the interdependence of human body systems, Year Three went on a trip to Cheshire Homes.  This is a boarding school for children who have physical disabilities.  The purpose of the trip was  to see how children function when a particular body system does not function as well as it should.  Year Three were very generous and took lots of gifts for the Cheshire Home children.  The students were so happy to interact with each other and had fun playing football, drawing, reading and getting to know each other.  Cheshire Homes is a charitable organisation and Year Three will be looking into fundraising to help buy play equipment and resources for the children.  It was a very valuable experience!

Year Five trip to Kasanka: Between October and December each year, about 10 million fruit bats descend into a small forest inside Kasanka National Park. This natural phenomenon is unique only to Kasanka in Zambia and the Year Five students were ever so lucky to experience this. They went on a residential field trip to Kasanka and studied the environment and the species in Kasanka National Park as a provocation leading up to their next unit.  Here are some of the students’ experiences.

“It was amazing, it was like a tornado coming towards us.” Nemo Gong

“The sky just turned black and the bats looked like birds flying in the sky.”  Jaysen Meyer

“It was a lifetime experience.”  Eike Maasdorp

“It truly is an amazing, natural phenomenon that everyone must see!” Mrs Makawa

Last but not least, one of the highlights of the year has almost arrived! The Upper Primary production of Cinderella & Rockerfella will be on Thursday the 17th of November at 18:00 in the MPC.  This is the first time ISL is presenting a pantomime.  It is about the famous Cinderella but we have our own modern day Prince Charming called Rockerfella that sweeps Cinders off her feet.  Will the fairy tale have a happy ending? Come and find out on THURSDAY 17TH NOVEMBER @ 18:00, in the MPC.  Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Tasneem Mohmad, Upper Primary Coordinator