September 2016

I am sure you would agree it has been a great start to the school year! “New” is the word that comes out loud- new yellow corridor, new jungle gym for Upper Primary students, new playground equipment for Early Years students, improved courts near the school tuckshop and loads of paintpaint! This has just simply made the place look we have had a makeover. It has been really exciting walking around the campus after the holidays and see all the changes and work that has taken place over the holidays. Of course to add to the colour to the festivities, we have all our students return and many new students join us. We are very happy to see you all, safe and sound, ready to start the school year. It was like meeting family again. Smiles, pleasant enquiries, laughter, noise- felt absolutely great.

We have new teachers join our Primary School Team:

  • Mrs. Agnes Ngwakum (from Cameroon) will be teaching in Year 3. She has taught in many international schools, substituted in our school last year and agreed to work with us for the next couple of years. We are very pleased to have her in the Primary School.
  • Ms. Sekai Chitaukire (from Zimbabwe) joins us as the Primary School Counselor. She has great experience and we look forward to learning a lot from her.
  • In the Learning Support/ESOL Department, we have Ms. Meike Versleegers (from Belgium) and Mrs. Melisa Bush (from U.S.A) joining us to add more value to our programme. Both of them are very knowledgeable in their areas and the students, faculty and parents will undoubtedly gain from their expertise.

We are very excited to have all of these new teachers with us and we look forward to working together as a team.

“Open House” took place last week and we are very thankful to all the parents attended.  As has been the norm, we will have 3 PYP workshops planned for Parents this academic year too. This is an opportunity to understand more about the Primary Years Program (PYP) and ask questions. Emails on the topic and dates will be sent prior to the event to facilitate parent participation. Do not miss the opportunity to meet other parents and staff at the Welcome Braii on September 2nd. More details on this will follow from the PTA chair.

Sunita Nair, Primary Principal