Welcome to ISL 2016-17


Teachers, administrators and staff have been busy working over the last few weeks to get the school ready for the first day of school on Wednesday 17 August 2016. Over the long vacation, lots of projects have been underway and returning students and parents will notice that most buildings have been painted inside and out, the outdoor courts have been resurfaced, there is a brand new Jungle Gym in Primary, and the famous Yellow Corridor has a new floor and is looking very spruced. There are quite a few other improvements that students are more likely to notice over the next few weeks, including remodeled changing rooms in the MPC and a new upgrade WiFi system that will be up by the end of August.

We are all looking forward to getting the new school year underway and would like to offer a warm welcome to new and returning students and also to our new teachers too.

Martin Gough

Head of School