Year 10 Work Experience

April 2017


During the week of March 20-24, Year 10 students participated in Work Experience Week, an integral part of ISL's career guidance program where students secure a work placement in the Lusaka community and spend the week exploring a career they are interested in. Student placements this year included hospitals, veterinarian offices, dentist offices, engineering firms, manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical companies, hotels and restaurants, law firms, communications companies, NGO's, government offices, and many others.

Read what students had to say about their experiences:

“I feel more confident in my abilities, and I know more about the hardworking person I can be, even when I’m under pressure.”

“The highlight was when I got to watch two rehab physiotherapy sessions and also when I performed blood and urine tests, for example for HIV and malaria.”

“I think that working life requires a lot of, well, work!”

“I understood that communication is very important; to sell a product, you should have complete knowledge of that product, and marketing skills are very important!”

“I had my own desk with access to internet to work on the project my supervisor assigned me.”

“I feel confident about who I am as a person.  I am able to cooperate and make new friends, and I’m a risk-taker by not being afraid of what’s coming next, whether hard or easy.”

“I faced a huge challenge when I was assisting Dr. Went, treating a dog that had a snake bite.”

“I feel proud of myself for adjusting to a new environment so well.”

“I still have lots to improve on, and I need to work harder.  It is important to learn as much as I can before I go to work.”

“Complaining won’t do anything.  It’s time for me to grow up.”

And read what the supervisors had to say about their students and the program:

“She has been very willing to learn and very attentive, and she easily follows instructions.”

“She behaved exceptionally well.  I hope she has been inspired to take a career path in law.”

“It was a pleasure to have him on board.  He was very inspired to become a dentist.”

“She asked good questions and is very eager to learn.  She exhibited a keen interest in the different departments and the different aspects of the business, with a special interest in the marketing field.  She impressed all the heads of department that she got to meet.”

“It was a pleasure to have her around with us this week, and we wish her the very best with her studies and future job.”

“He was very diligent in the tasks he was asked to do.  He was very interactive with the other factory staff and asked a lot of questions to know what things were and why.  He was always very pleasant and polite.  It was a pleasure to have him come work with us.”

“Ready to learn, easily acclimatizes, readily integrates with the teams.”

“Please continue doing this good work by exposing students to the work environment.  Keep sending more students – we will be there to assist!”

A big thank you to the area businesses and offices that agreed to host our students and show them the ropes all week! And congratulations, students, for a job well done!

Rebecca Pohl, Secondary Guidance Counselor