Year 6 Exhibition

The PYP Exhibition is the culmination of learning throughout the primary school years. The focus of this year’s Exhibition has been “The marks of violence in the human mind can corrupt the mind forever”

The process unfolded with a powerful provocation to get the learners thinking about and feeling the meaning of violence. Tuning-in activities to arouse interest and create tension were used to help students choose their areas of interest. Each group was assigned a mentor to assist them on their journeys of inquiry; questions were formulated and research began; lots of reading, synthesizing and organizing information. Students took action by fundraising, visiting organizations, and creating awareness.

The Exhibition Day was a huge success. The opening ceremony showcased how every student explored the topic through a creative medium of their choice. The Exhibition itself showed what each group had learned about their chosen example of violence, and how we can take action to address it. Exhilarating as the day was, the truly exciting thing was the learning that took place throughout the preceding weeks.

Here’s a sample of student reflections to share their perspective…

The most important thing that I got out of the exhibition process was learning how to work as a group and how to work collaboratively and cooperatively. Another important part of the process for me was learning how to work under pressure because at the end of the exhibition, we had lots to get done in a very short period of time. (Leilla Zacks)

The exhibition was an interesting experience as we got to apply all our attitudes, attributes, and skills. We all chose various topics related to violence and had a chance to do independent inquiry using our research skills. (Langiwe Tembo)

It was a great opportunity that opened up our minds to real life issues that people experience every day, and we were not aware of them in the past. We also became better communicators. (Brooklyn Morales & Mohammed Saffiedine)

Congratulations, students, and well done!

Mrs. Grace Kambeu, PYP Coordinator