Year 7 Wildtracks Trip

October 2016

On 5th September 2016, the Year 7 students went to ‘Wildtracks’ in Lower Zambezi for a five day fieldtrip. The 38 students were accompanied by their Form tutors: Mrs. Rachel Bentley, Mrs. Nathanja Meyer, Ms. Mieke Versleegers and me. One of the drivers, Mr. Alex Kunda, also stayed with us at Wildtracks until we returned. We left ISL at around 7:30 in the morning and drove for four hours.

At Wildtracks, we were greeted by friendly staff that helped the group settle in. The students and teachers were shown where they would be sleeping and told to return to the BOMA, a central meeting place, after they had dropped their bags. The students were then divided into five teams in readiness for their first activity in the afternoon. Each group went for baobab climbing, fishing, the bush walk, raft building or the obstacle course on the first afternoon and would rotate through all the main activities in the next four days.

There were also other educative group activities or games that students were involved in before or after their two main activities for the day. The students each had a journal in which they wrote their reflection after each activity. They also had to write a reflection on how they adapted during the day.

The trip enabled the students to explore their current unit of study, Adaptability, in depth as they were required to adapt to a lot of changes throughout the week. It was pleasing to see our students solve problems that were presented by the various activities. One memorable activity where the students had to adapt and use their IMYC personal dispositions was cooking their own dinner on Wednesday afternoon. The students were remarkable with this activity and no one went to bed hungry!

We concluded the activities by playing on the sand island on the Zambezi River in the afternoon and with a campfire in the evening on Thursday. On Friday morning, we jumped on the buses at around 08:00 in the morning and made our way back to ISL.

Overall, the trip was a success and students had a lot of fun while learning about the wild and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Allow me to say thank you to all the parents who allowed their children to go on this trip and for all their support.

Student Comments about the Wildtracks Fieldtrip

Nagisa Sato "I had to adapt to not using electronics because at home I usually play games on my tablet if I have free time. I adapted by using my free time to swim and doing gymnastics like handstands with my friends."

Joni Dervishi " We did fishing, cooking, baobab climbing, raft building, bush walking and survival challenge. All of these activities taught me how to work in a team. I have great memories from this trip."

Kaitlyn Mabika "I adapted a lot to the heat by drinking lots of water and to insects by wearing insect repellent the whole time."

Trini Kakande "Wildtracks was really a lot of fun for me."

Wilson Kentaro Tanaka "One of the things I learnt to adapt to was working in a team because I like to work alone. I learnt to make friends so that I am not lonely."

Abdulrahman Vally "I learnt to cook with limited supplies and with other people other than my mum."

Muchindu Chizyuka, IMYC Coordinator